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Monday, April 24, 2017

Startup jobs-100,000 new jobs

Warsaw surprisingly has become a critical player in the european startup ecosystem in the last years, competing with Krakow for the top spot in Polish startup cities.
Dublin is the home to several international headquarters of major tech companies from Facebook to Microsoft, laying the foundations for a successful tech scene.
Image result for AtinaIt might seem unlikely that in a country where there has been so much economic chaos, anything business related could be thriving but in times of high unemployment, where there are many problems to be solved.Athens is undoubtedly the centre of the ever growing Greek startup scene.
Since the first Copenhagen startup weekend in 2010 the scene had grown exponentially, even despite having to overcome high taxes and the small population.
London is generally considered as the largest startup scene in Europe with over 2,000 start ups, 300 accelerators and almost 50,000 workers employed in the scene.
The Helsinki startup scene has only really gained momentum in the last 10 years ...
Startups in Berlin100,000 new jobs expected by 2020....

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