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Monday, September 16, 2019

Auto Loans Part I

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How to calculate finance charges ?

The first thing to understand is that there are two basic parts to a loan. The first issue is called the principal. This is the amount of money that is borrowed.

 The lender wants to make a profit for his services (lending you the money) and this is called interest. There are many types of interest from simple to variable.

 This article will examine simple interest calculations.

In simple interest deals, the amount of the interest (expressed as a percentage) does not change over the life of the loan. This is often called flat rate or fixed interest.

The simple interest formula is as follows:

Interest = Principal × Rate × Time

Interest is the total amount of interest paid.

Principal is the amount lent or borrowed.

Rate is the percentage of the principal charged as interest each year.

To do your math, the rate must be expressed as a decimal, so percentages must be divided by 100. For example, if the rate is 18%, then use 18/100 or 0.18 in the formula.

Time is the time in years of the loan.

The simple interest formula is often abbreviated:

I = P R T

Simple interest math problems can be used for borrowing or for lending. The same formulas are used in both cases.

When money is borrowed, the total amount to be paid back equals the principal borrowed plus the interest charge:

Total repayments = principal + interest

Usually the money is paid back in regular installments, either monthly or weekly. To calculate the regular payment amount, you divide the total amount to be repaid by the number of months (or weeks) of the loan.

To convert the loan period, 'T', from years to months, you multiply it by 12. To convert 'T' to weeks, you multiply by 52, since there are 52 weeks in a year.

Here is an example problem to illustrate how this works.


A single mother purchases a used car by obtaining a simple interest loan. The car costs $1500, and the interest rate that she is being charged on the loan is 12%. 

The car loan is to be paid back in weekly installments over a period of 2 years. 

Here is how you answer these questions:

1. What is the amount of interest paid over the 2 years?

2. What is the total amount to be paid back?

3. What is the weekly payment amount?

You were given: principal: 'P' = $1500, interest rate: 'R' = 12% = 0.12, repayment time: 'T' = 2 years.

Step 1: Find the amount of interest paid.

Interest: 'I' = PRT

= 1500 × 0.12 × 2

= $360

Step 2: Find the total amount to be paid back.

Total repayments = principal + interest

= $1500 + $360

= $1860

Step 3: Calculate the weekly payment amount.

Weekly payment amount = total repayments divided by loan period, T, in weeks. In this case, $1860 divided by 104 weeks equals $17.88 per week.

Calculating simple finance charges is easy once you have done some practice with the formulas.


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What is Private Domain Registration?

Domain Yahoo Was ist die private Domain

Alle Domain-Namen Besitzer müssen umfassen Kontaktinformationen in ihrem Domainnamens; Allerdings brauchen Sie nicht, um diese Informationen der Öffentlichkeit haben. 
Yahoo! Private Domain Registration erlaubt Ihnen, Ihre persönlichen Informationen vor ungewollten Rechtsanwälten zur Liste Kontaktdaten zu Yahoo! 's Domainregistrierung Partner, verbergen Melbourne IT, anstelle ihrer Registranten, administrativen, technischen und Rechnungskontaktinformationen für den öffentlichen WHOIS-Datenbank Daten. Ihre Kontaktinformationen werden in Kontakt mit ihren Yahoo!-Domäne bleiben / Melbourne IT ist eine Datenbank, wird aber nicht für die Öffentlichkeit WHOIS zur Verfügung. Erfahren Sie mehr darüber, warum Sie diese Informationen benötigen. 
(Beachten Sie, dass der Name des Registranten und anonyme Informationen wie Domain-Name-Server wird öffentlich bleiben. Zusätzlich beachten Sie, dass Melbourne IT behält sich das Recht vor, Ihre Kontaktinformationen in Übereinstimmung mit den Gesetzen und Vorschriften offenlegen, wie er für angemessen hält. Erfahren Sie mehr.) 
Yahoo! Private Domain ist mit komplett neuen Yahoo! Domain-Registrierung und andere durch Yahoo! registriert Wenn Sie die Registrierung für den privaten Domäne, die Sie woanders gekauft und redelegated ihre Yahoo!-Dienste verwenden aktivieren möchten haben Domain-Namen, kontaktieren Sie bitte Ihren Domain-Registrar und fragen die Verfügbarkeit dieser Funktionen. 
Bitte beachten Sie, dass aufgrund der Beschränkungen umliegenden Namen. Uns Domäne ist die private Registrierung nicht für Domain-Namen bei uns erhältlich .. 

Personal Loans Interest Rates and More

While others use the annual reducing balance method, SBI offers an advantage to the customer.The interest is computed only on the loan amount that is presently outstanding.
SBI loan interest rate was slashed from 11.5 per cent to 10 per cent and lenders were also freed from paying the car loan processing fee for an entire year.
They let the borrower choose between a fixed interest rate and a floating one.
In the former case, the interest rate on the loan remains fixed throughout the tenure.

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Small business

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I need a loan for your Small Business?
Be your own boss in a small business is often not easy - but the rewards can be immense. If you need a loan for your small business, you've come to the right place. Our personal loans are based on your credit score, and betray you as an individual (not a business). For some small business owners need a loan, a personal loan will not respond to their needs-but also for other businesses, it is perfect. In some cases, such as the business still does not have a proven track record, our small business loan can provide lower rates or even just the ability to get a loan.

Get Personal Loans for your new business.
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Peer-to-peer lending gives investors the opportunity to finance small business loans
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Prosper can help you personally use the loans for small business.
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Private domain registration II part

Private Domain Registration

Did you know that anyone — including spammers and telemarketers — 
can find your contact information just by looking up your domain name online?

That's right. The Internet's governing body, ICANN, requires that every domain owner's name and contact information 

be listed in an online database. Unfortunately, many solicitors regularly go through this database to gather contacts for marketing campaigns.
Now you can keep your contact information out of the public eye using Yahoo! Private Domain Registration.

How Does Private Domain Registration Work?

  • When you sign up, our partner Melbourne IT updates your registration listing with generic contact information that points to Melbourne IT's offices.
  • Whenever someone looks up your domain and tries to contact you, Melbourne IT receives the call, 
  • email, or letter and screens the information on your behalf.
  • Melbourne IT forwards prescreened communications to you, so you can reply as you see fit.
See how your contact information looks with and without Yahoo! Private Domain Registration.

How Much Does Private Domain Registration Cost?

Yahoo! Private Domain Registration is available for just $0.99 per month with Yahoo! Web Hosting, Yahoo!
 Merchant Solutions, or Yahoo! Business Mail plans, or just $9.00 per year with Yahoo! Domains or Yahoo! 
Custom Mailbox plans.

How Do You Sign Up?

You can add Private Domain Registration with your plan during the signup process.

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