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Thursday, May 11, 2017

Private domain registration II part

Private Domain Registration

Did you know that anyone — including spammers and telemarketers — 
can find your contact information just by looking up your domain name online?

That's right. The Internet's governing body, ICANN, requires that every domain owner's name and contact information 

be listed in an online database. Unfortunately, many solicitors regularly go through this database to gather contacts for marketing campaigns.
Now you can keep your contact information out of the public eye using Yahoo! Private Domain Registration.

How Does Private Domain Registration Work?

  • When you sign up, our partner Melbourne IT updates your registration listing with generic contact information that points to Melbourne IT's offices.
  • Whenever someone looks up your domain and tries to contact you, Melbourne IT receives the call, 
  • email, or letter and screens the information on your behalf.
  • Melbourne IT forwards prescreened communications to you, so you can reply as you see fit.
See how your contact information looks with and without Yahoo! Private Domain Registration.

How Much Does Private Domain Registration Cost?

Yahoo! Private Domain Registration is available for just $0.99 per month with Yahoo! Web Hosting, Yahoo!
 Merchant Solutions, or Yahoo! Business Mail plans, or just $9.00 per year with Yahoo! Domains or Yahoo! 
Custom Mailbox plans.

How Do You Sign Up?

You can add Private Domain Registration with your plan during the signup process.

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  2. Very true!!! It is always better to keep our contact information and other details out of public!!! I registered my domain at WhoisXY.com and got free private registration!!!

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